Friday, March 2, 2007

It's a SNOW day!!

** Picture taken Feb. 16 after one of our many snow falls this winter **

Due to inclement weather work is closed for me today - yipeeeee!!!! Unfortunately, Grant didn't have this luxury and he had to go into work. I will be taking full advantage of this extra time at home to pull together our family profile album. Grant & I plan to use Adobe Photoshop Elements to create our album - so it's my job today to learn how to use this program...wish me luck! From what I've seen so far, we should be able to easily build collages, scrapbook-like pages, edit picutres, add text, & much more! Has anyone used Photoshop Elements and have any tips for us??

On a different topic - I had a wonderful conversation on the phone last night with a colleague from work who has adopted two children. It was a very encouraging & insightful conversation. I was pleasingly surprised to hear her first child was placed about 4 months following the home-study and her second child was placed after about 9 months of waiting. Grant & I are meeting with a couple (cousin of a friend) tommorrow to discuss their adoption experience. They had a successful match the same month their home-study was completed and submitted their family profile album to an adoption worker. The reason why Grant & I were pleasingly surprised to hear of the quick matches was because everything we've read about trends and stats said it could take years for a successful match, but from the conversations I have had with people who've adopted locally they were able to bring home the newest members of their families within months of applying - so, who knows!!!

Off to work on our family profile album :)

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J J T said...

Hi Janet and Grant!
Thank you for setting up your blog; sharing your experience with us is an amazing gift & it is a blessing to be part of your journey. The updates are fabulous!
Love, Juden, Ardith and Nate-a-roo
P.S. - loved the photo posting with Nate - it is so sweet!