Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sanibel Island

**Picture of Grant playing on the beach with our nephew & godson Owen **

We're back from Sanibel Island (boo hoo). Grant & I spent seven wonderful days at the place we were married 5 summers ago. We vacationed with his parents, his sister, my cousin (they met at our wedding and are now married) and our nephew Owen. As much as I enjoyed spending time on the beach, hunting for shells early in the morning, watching dolphins ride waves from our boat, catching the largest fish at the pier (while we were there), going back to the place we were married and spending time with our family...what I loved most about our vacation was witnessing Grant's interaction with our nephew - Grant was so natural, loving and caring with Owen. Grant often offered to "watch" (play & have fun) with Owen so his parents could get a break. Grant was eager to feed Owen and give him his bottle. Grant was the first to take Owen for a walk around the restaurant whenever he became fussy. Grant ran back to a store to get Owen's hat (I can't believe Grant noticed it & remembered what store!). Grant played hours of peek-a-boo with Owen and gave him many airplane rides...I could go on and on describing every moment I watched as Grant reaffirmed for me that he will make the most amazing daddy, but I don't want to bore you.

I will be posting pics from our vacation on my facebook.
Talk soon.
Love, Janet

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Jenn said...

you know, you guys are so brave to share this with all of us. it's a strange thing to say 'congrats' when at the same time you want to say 'i'm sorry for all the hard things you're going through'. it is a privilege to know and to support you through a time that can be both trying and exciting. i am very happy for the prospect of a child for you and Grant. the way i see you two interact with children is undeniably great - you are going to make wonderful parents. love you both very much.