Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This just feels right

I met with our family doctor today to have him complete my medical report and in the middle of our conversation he asked me how I was doing...I could sense what he was getting at and I paused for a second and told him I was okay and adoption just feels right...he proceeded to ask the questions he needed to fill in the information on my medical report. Of course when I first learned of Grant & my joint infertility issues it wasn't easy to hear, but it made sense - there was finally a medical explanation as to why after 3 years of trying we were unable to become pregnant. Adoption was something Grant & I discussed in length as a young dating couple in love who fantasized about what our future family was going to look like - We assumed we'd be able to have biological children and thought it would also be neat to be able to provide a forever home to at least one adoptive child. Little did we know, God planted that seed in our hearts for a specific reason - God softened our hearts and allowed us to see the beauty of adoptive children as a part of our future family in order to prepare us for today. For many couples the decision to adopt is a difficult choice to make and it often follows years of infertility treatments and procedures - But when Grant & I envisioned our future family, adoption was definitely a strong contender in helping us fill our home with the laughter, joy & innocence that only children can bring. In my heart and in my mind, my journey towards motherhood through adoption just feels right.

Good night family & friends.
Love, Janet

**Picture of us with Grant's godson Nate

Monday, February 26, 2007

So many things to prepare!

Grant & I met with an adoption recruitment worker last week. She completed a home safety inspection and left us with a hefty package of documents to complete and a long checklist of things to compile together before she conducts our home-study. Grant & I are diligently working our way through the checklist - tonight we went to the police station to request crimal reference checks (I hope they didn't notice the sweet aroma from the Hawaiian-tini I had at dinner with the ladies from work). The "big" project we are working on a bit everyday is writing our "Dear Birthmother" letter and assembling our family profile album - How do we possibly convey who we are through pictures and words to a birth mother looking for the right couple to raise her baby?? If you're reading this blog, there is a strong possiblity we have shared some great moments that were captured on film and we may want to include a picture or two of you in our family profile album - please let us know if you do not feel comfortable with this.

Hope you have a great night's sleep
Love, Janet

**Our spontaneous trip to Rondeu provincial park b/c Grant wanted to go swimming!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


If you've been invited to this blog it's because you play an important role in our lives and we want you to be a part of our journey to adoption. I suppose we could look at adoption as something private and personal but the truth is adoption is anything but personal...not to mention the battery of fertility tests that solidified our decision to adopt. Parenting is something we think about often and have been planning for since the early days of our relationship when we held hands on our way to class at university.

We will do our best to post regularly and if we're to be completely real with you, this may be more theraputic for us than informative for you. Having said that, it's quite likely that you will stumble across a cheesy or emotional post from time to time.

Finally we invite you to add your comments, experience, and wisdom. Thank you for being here right now.

**This is us with our goddaughter Abby the day after she was born - isn't she beautiful!!**