Monday, February 26, 2007

So many things to prepare!

Grant & I met with an adoption recruitment worker last week. She completed a home safety inspection and left us with a hefty package of documents to complete and a long checklist of things to compile together before she conducts our home-study. Grant & I are diligently working our way through the checklist - tonight we went to the police station to request crimal reference checks (I hope they didn't notice the sweet aroma from the Hawaiian-tini I had at dinner with the ladies from work). The "big" project we are working on a bit everyday is writing our "Dear Birthmother" letter and assembling our family profile album - How do we possibly convey who we are through pictures and words to a birth mother looking for the right couple to raise her baby?? If you're reading this blog, there is a strong possiblity we have shared some great moments that were captured on film and we may want to include a picture or two of you in our family profile album - please let us know if you do not feel comfortable with this.

Hope you have a great night's sleep
Love, Janet

**Our spontaneous trip to Rondeu provincial park b/c Grant wanted to go swimming!


Rebecca said...

Janet and Grant,
I'm so happy and excited for you. I can't wait take this journey with you and ofcourse support you guys along the way.

Barb Vaux said...

Grant and Janet, our thoughts and prayers are with you both. Congratulations and may God bless you both and the new little bundle that will someday call you 'mummy and daddy'. Lot's of Love,

Aunt Barbara and Uncle Doug

Sharon, Scott & Liam said...

Janet & Grant,

We know it's been a long road already and a roller coaster ride to come. Congratulations on your strength. We share your hopefulness and excitement for the child that will be in your arms at the end of this journey.

We know you've heard this from everyone, but it can't be said enough, you will be such amazing parents and your child will be so lucky to have you!

Thank you for sharing with us. We will offer you all our support and love along the way.

Sharon, Scott & Liam XOXOXO