Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This just feels right

I met with our family doctor today to have him complete my medical report and in the middle of our conversation he asked me how I was doing...I could sense what he was getting at and I paused for a second and told him I was okay and adoption just feels right...he proceeded to ask the questions he needed to fill in the information on my medical report. Of course when I first learned of Grant & my joint infertility issues it wasn't easy to hear, but it made sense - there was finally a medical explanation as to why after 3 years of trying we were unable to become pregnant. Adoption was something Grant & I discussed in length as a young dating couple in love who fantasized about what our future family was going to look like - We assumed we'd be able to have biological children and thought it would also be neat to be able to provide a forever home to at least one adoptive child. Little did we know, God planted that seed in our hearts for a specific reason - God softened our hearts and allowed us to see the beauty of adoptive children as a part of our future family in order to prepare us for today. For many couples the decision to adopt is a difficult choice to make and it often follows years of infertility treatments and procedures - But when Grant & I envisioned our future family, adoption was definitely a strong contender in helping us fill our home with the laughter, joy & innocence that only children can bring. In my heart and in my mind, my journey towards motherhood through adoption just feels right.

Good night family & friends.
Love, Janet

**Picture of us with Grant's godson Nate


Jennifer Lake said...

Hey guys - wow...that is awesome that you are going to adopt. wow...let us know if we can help. :)

Andrea McEvoy said...

Grant & Janet,

I think it is awesome that you are able to share your journey with all of us - it must not be easy to be so open and honest on the internet!

There is an excitement and a fear that can't be described when you become expectant parents and now you know those feelings.

I will be praying for you and for your child.

Thank-you for including us in this process!

We love you!
Andrea, Steve & Abby

Andrea McEvoy said...
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mpegg said...

Wow - blogging about the experience.. I like! :) It's going to make for such an awesome record of the whole process from start to end and one that your new baby/child/son/daughter will be able to read later in life.. Very, very cool! :)

All the best to both of you - Patty and I will help out wherever you need!


SRMcEvoy said...

Wow, that you for sharing your story in such an open and honest way. I am sure it will be of help to others.

Kudo's my friends

Steven, Andrea & Abby