Saturday, February 24, 2007


If you've been invited to this blog it's because you play an important role in our lives and we want you to be a part of our journey to adoption. I suppose we could look at adoption as something private and personal but the truth is adoption is anything but personal...not to mention the battery of fertility tests that solidified our decision to adopt. Parenting is something we think about often and have been planning for since the early days of our relationship when we held hands on our way to class at university.

We will do our best to post regularly and if we're to be completely real with you, this may be more theraputic for us than informative for you. Having said that, it's quite likely that you will stumble across a cheesy or emotional post from time to time.

Finally we invite you to add your comments, experience, and wisdom. Thank you for being here right now.

**This is us with our goddaughter Abby the day after she was born - isn't she beautiful!!**


Anonymous said...

hello Janet and Grant:

Welcome to a world of emotions on you embark on journey thorugh adoption! We have just found a match here with a little girl and she is about to be placed with us! So i can help you with your paper work and homestudy stuff but the other stuff i will need help with perhaps we can both be a help to each other!!
Sarah Irvine

Anonymous said...

omg !!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
doit trust me!!! you will be helping a familyin need an a kid!!!
do it my family will help u with eerything......since i was adopted we will help with the papers!!!!
call me or e-mail me!!

loves iona