Sunday, March 25, 2007

They said this would happen...

Grant & I spent some time this weekend visiting baby stores to look at strollers and cribs. I will admit (and Grant will agree too) that I have been obsessing over strollers - researching them on the internet, reading review after review and checking out all the strollers that pass us by in public! Today we ventured to Babies'R'Us to see the Quinny Speedi (BRU are the only Canadian distributer of this European stroller that looked perfect online) - the sales associate helping us asked if we were checking out the stroller as a gift and I kindly let her know we were shopping for our baby - "You don't look pregnant" she says while looking me over. What do you say to that comment?!?! "We're adopting our baby" I responded. She then sees this as an invitation to pepper us with questions & comments about how good of us to adopt, asks if it's a long process, blah, blah, blah...Grant & I have obviously been very open about our adoption with our family and friends & we want to share this journey with you but today's encounter was our first stranger-invasion & we didn't feel comfortable answering her slightly-too-personal-and-a-bit-inappropriate questions. Adoptive parents we have spoken with said this would happen...I guess it's like strangers feeling it's acceptable to rub the pregnant bellies of random women they see. At least they aren't rubbing my belly :)

Here's a sneak peak into my stroller obsession...let's call it "Shopping for the Perfect Stroller with Janet!"
We began our search with the Bugaboo Frog and for the longest time I was certain this stroller was IT for me. As nice as it is (it better be with a price tag of $1000) I realized after seeing it in real life that there were a lot of features I was looking for that it didn't offer - the toddler seat tilts in space and does not provide a full flat recline or a full upright seated position, there's no sun-canopy and it's bulky to transport. The new Peg Perego Uno has a lot of great features, I love the orange polka-dot fabric & it is better priced, but it's bulkier than the Bug when collapsed & I'm not sure it would be the easiest for me to manage on my own. The Quinny Speedi & Dreemi (bassinet) looked beautiful online (loved it in the aquamarine colour), but when we went to check it out today the much anticipated "quick fold" feature was not so quick & very awkward. It drove very smoothly, but unfortunately they only distribute the black model without the bassinet in Canada, so we have ruled that one out as well. We also tested out the Firstwheels city elite - it has a great turning radius and drives smoothly, but the seat is designed like the Bug's and the handle doesn't reverse to allow the large tires to be in the front for rough and snow covered terrain. There are a few features I want our stroller to have - bassinet, all terrain wheels, reversable handle bars, flat recline, easy to collapse & carry w/o Grant's help, good sunshade...that's not too much to ask for :) The European market has so many strollers that have the features I'm looking for and look like potentials (at least they look good online) but not many of them have made their way to the Canadian market. Fortunately with the popularity of the Bugaboo many companies are making copycat strollers, including a new manufacturer here in Waterloo. I have contacted them for a private tour of their collection as they don't have any local distributers...I'll let you know how that goes.

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