Sunday, March 4, 2007

Objects in future farther than they appear....

As part of our commitment to this journey Janet has made every attempt to ensure we get as much information on adoption as possible. This weekend we met with a wonderful couple and their adopted son at a local coffee pub. We had no-idea what this meeting would be like having been connected through a mutual friend. Having only spoken briefly on the phone, this couple was generous enough to bring their family profile and become completely vulnerable in sharing their adoption story. Reality set in mid way through our converstaion as we watched this family a family. There were no rose coloured glasses and no phonyness, just real people caring for their son. Until this time, our adoption process has consisted of completing forms and collecting documentation. While our new friends are probably among the very few to get selected by a birth mom within a few days of submitting their profile, we're setting our expectations significantly further out. Nevertheless, it's fair to say that we were blessed with a healthy dose of hope this weekend.
Good night, Grant

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Phil said...

Hey guys! Just dropped by for the first time today. I'm going to make sure I keep more up to date with what's going on. I'll be thinking and praying for you guys :)