Wednesday, March 7, 2007

We thank God for our friends

Grant & I shared a wonderful dinner with two dear friends on Monday - Although we only live a few streets away from these friends we do not see them often, so each visit is cherished!! We had a great time chatting, catching up, eating fantastic food, laughing and learning about the joys of new-parenthood!! Our friends reminded us that although Grant & I are not experiencing the physical changes the typical mother-to-be goes through, the questions we are asking as a couple to prepare our home for our baby...seeking tips on where to buy baby stuff in Waterloo, what to get and what not to get, etc., etc...are the same questions most parents-to-be ask. Our friends also pointed out that Grant & I are feeling the emotions and excitement that come with anticipating the arrival of a baby the same way "normal" expectant parents do. Our friends also shared with us the daily prayers they prayed during their pregnancy - prayers that Grant & I will also pray as we wait for the arrival of our baby.

Good night friends!
Love, Janet

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Tracy & Rob said...

Hey guys,

sorry I haven't posted sooner. I definitely want to keep up on what's going on with the whole process and how you're doing. And congratulations!! I can't say I know what it will be like to adopt, or even to have a child, but I want you to know that Rob and I are here for you the whole way. I often think of my friends down the street and send positve wishes in your direction.

Tracy & Rob