Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We celebrate with you!

I have had this conversation with a number of friends, family & of course Grant - The longer our journey towards parenthood takes and the more roadblocks we encounter, the easier it is to hear the news of someone else's pregnancy - let me explain...I have learned that no matter how quick & easy or difficult & long it is to conceive, each conception is a beautiful gift of new life. This journey Grant & I are on right now has very clearly revealed to me how precious each life is and that every newborn baby is a special gift from heaven. When Grant & I finally get the call to let us know we get to bring home our baby, I will be jumping, screaming, crying, laughing, dancing & sharing the great news with anyone who will listen.....and guess what, I plan to also celebrate the news of each pregnancy announcement that comes my way because God has just knit together another new life in a mother's womb!! I'll admit, early on in our trying to conceive journey I had to fight back tears when I heard someone else say the words I longed to say "I'm pregnant." I believe my turning point occurred the day I received news from the fertility clinic that natural-unassisted conception was not going to happen for us. Somewhere during those hours. I shed my final why-can't-I-be-the-one-announcing-I'm-pregnant-tears because Grant & I felt our hearts being pulled clearly towards adoption and we decided not to pursue medical intervention. As an old Taoist proverb says "the journey is the reward" (the cover of my TTC/Adoption journal) and in our journey towards parenthood I am learning so much about who I am, the amazing husband I have, and the strength of our love and relationship.

Love, Janet

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Rebecca said...

Oh Janet,
I'm not sure what to say but I'll try. I'm so happy you've been able to get to this place in your life and in your heart. I know it has been an incredibly difficult time for both of you. Isn't it great that God's shown you how you'll receive this incredible gift of life and have you accept His method of giving it to you. It may not be in the conventional way but not everything He does is conventional (in our eyes).
Thank you for sharing this with us.