Friday, April 13, 2007

Hope Floats...

Here's a quick little update - - - Although Grant & I laid out all the reasons why we should not have been bumped from Waterloo's April PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education), the Pre-Service training for adoption, they are still unable to squeeze us in - unless a couple drops out. Something about the change to legislation giving priority to foster parents and KIN adoption. Grant & I haven't given up hope. Grant suggested we look into other Children's Aid Societies around us, so I called a few today. The good news is, they are holding PRIDE sessions in the spring and summer, but the adoption recruitment workers I spoke with today need to speak with their supervisors to see if Grant & I can attend the course as we live out of their jurisdiction. Pursuing adoption privately was always an option - not an inexpensive option - but is an adoption route that is still available for us. I made a few calls today to re-explore the costs & timelines.

We haven't given up hope - We have faith that parenthood is in our future.

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