Thursday, April 5, 2007

Babysitting is great practice!

Grant & I are definitely the luckiest godparents around (to a few cute kids!). We had the opportunity to babysit our goddaughter for two nights and boy is she cute!! These last two nights provided great practice for us. We fed her dinner, played with her, changed her diaper, dressed her in her jammies and put her to bed - quite the adventures! It was absolutely wonderful watching her crawl everywhere while exploring toys and hearing her laugh, but the biggest highlight for me tonight was holding her in my arms and singing her lullibies until she fell asleep.

**This picture with our goddaughter was taken on Valentine's Day - we babysat her while her parents enjoyed a romantic date night!**

1 comment:

SRMcEvoy said...

Wow what a cute baby, and she was wearing the same outfit tonight.

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