Friday, June 29, 2007

feline foster-adopt!

Carson is a foster brother to a stray kitten!! The most adorable little kitten ran through our front lawn this morning as Grant was leaving for work. She immediately came over to great us, purring and looking for cuddles. I brought her out some cat food and she devoured it. I took her to our vet to see if she had a microchip and no luck with identifying her home that way. The technician asked if we plan to keep her if we are not able to find her owners...and I looked at her and said "of course!" (She was the same technician that desperately tried to save our Ponobo). The technician confirmed the kitty is female & I should have asked how old. This kitty is absolutely adorable and so snuggly. She is sitting on my lap, purring away as I type this post! She is much younger than Ponobo or Carson were when we adopted them and brought them home. I can't believe how tiny and affectionate she is. Grant jokingly said that this kitty is giving us practice with foster-adopt. I posted her picture with our number around our neighborhood and when Grant called earlier, I cautiously answered the phone wondering if it was someone calling to come pick her up. Grant & I decided that if no one calls us by the end of the weekend, we're going to keep her!

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