Sunday, June 3, 2007

Youthful reflections

These last two weekends Grant & I spent it with our church youth group. Last weekend we ventured up to Algonquin Park and this weekend we went to the Molson Amplitheater for a fantastic night of worship with Starfield & Hillsong United. As we were driving away from the church Saturday night, Grant & I reflected on how much we love spending time with the youth from our church, whether it be on a Sunday morning or out at a special event!! Being fully honest with ourselves, we know that we will need to step back from youth ministry at St. Paul’s once our baby arrives as it will be a challenge getting down to Toronto every Sunday – Having said that, we wondered last night if our delay to parenthood is so we can devote our time to the youth and nurture those relationships. We have been part of the youth group for 4 years, and no matter how busy that makes our weekends, I can’t imagine a weekend without seeing them and having them enrich our lives.

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