Monday, June 11, 2007

Angel Worn

Today marks another step towards "letting go" of my hopes of becoming pregnant. I dropped off my stash of summer maternity clothes at our local consignment store, Angel Worn (they only accept in-season clothing) - I have been snagging maternity clothes on sale for over 2 years and part of me held onto them hoping I would finally see that glorious BFP (Big Fat Positive -web lingo). About a month ago I went through my drawers and closet gathering my summer maternity clothes and some were actually still in the original shopping bags. That collection sat on the bedroom floor right next to the door for a few weeks. Today I decided to finally take the plunge and drop them off. I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting, but when I was chatting with the sales associate, it just rolled off my tongue that I haven't worn any of the clothes b/c I can't get pregnant and I didn't feel emotional, upset, sad, angry...I didn't really feel anything. Was I supposed to?? I don't know.

Well, someone will be getting a great deal on brand new clothes!

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