Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our first Tuesday off...

Last week we celebrated our graduation from PRIDE training and today is the first Tuesday in 10 weeks we didn't have to rush home from work, wolf down dinner and drive to Woodstock for 3 hours of training - it sorta feels weird. We were actually presented with a certificate of completion and several of the couples joked that we would frame and mount our certificates in our child's room!

Last weekend Grant surprised me with a good ol' fashioned wooden rocking chair, just like I've always wanted and I absolutely love it! I can't wait to rock our baby to sleep...

The frequency of our posts may slow down as we wait for our homestudy to be conducted - 6 to 9 months from now - But then again, we did just borrow some books from the library about adoption and there's already a lot to reflect upon from what we read last night and there's no way we will ever stop thinking about our baby-to-be until he or she is in our arms and the final papers are signed (Grant & I will share with you that scary time-line later)!

We found the book by Jamie Lee Curtis in the library we have been looking for...
Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born.

Tell me again how you and Daddy were curled up like spoons and Daddy was snoring.
Tell me again how the phone rang in the middle of the night and they told you I was born.
Tell me again how you screamed.
Tell me again how you called Granny and Grandpa right away, but they didn't hear the phone because they sleep like logs.
Tell me again how you got on an airplane with my baby bag and flew to get me and how there was no movie, only peanuts.
Tell me again how you couldn't grow a baby in your tummy, so another woman who was too young to take care of me was growing me and she would be my birth mother, and you would adopt me and be my parents.
Tell me again how you held hands all the way to the hospital and when you got there you both got very quiet and felt very small.
Tell me again about the first time you saw me through the nursery window and how you couldn't believe something so small could make you smile so big.
Tell me again how tiny and perfect I was (I absolutely love the illustration on this page!)
Tell me again about the first time you held me in your arms and called me your baby sweet.
Tell me again how you cried happy tears.
Tell me again how you carried me like a china doll all the way home and how you glared at anyone who sneezed.
Tell me again about my first bottle and how I liked it so much.
Tell me again about my first diaper change and how I didn't like it at all.
Tell me again about the first night you were my daddy and you told me about baseball being the perfect game, like your daddy told you. (Grant will be talking about hockey!)
Tell me again about the first night you were my mommy and you sang the lullaby your mommy sang to you.
Tell me again about our first night as a family.
Mommy and Daddy, tell me again about the night I was born.

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