Monday, May 7, 2007

PRIDE (12 hours too late)

Well, It's almost Tuesday again, Which means another PRIDE training night. And, in typical student fashion, neither of us have completed our homework. Since its not too labour intensive we will surely finish it before we start class tomorrow. The homework and its completion rate will be included in our 'file'. I guess I'll back up for a moment...As Janet mentioned previously we started our PRIDE training last Tuesday in Woodstock. Woodstock is a little more 'rural' than we had expected, however we are in a full class that is sure to elicit colourful and contraversial dialogue. I'll explain more in a future post. Despite its rural location we were pleased to see several other interracial couples.

Our instructors are fantastic, one of which has adopted and fostered. When I say fantastic I mean that they tell you the facts without the sugar coating. Example: One of the first things our instructor let us know is that the F&CS is not a service for us, in fact her purpose in not to find us, nor anyone, a child. Rather, her role was to find a good home for children (her clients). This was confirmation for both of us that we are still navigating the right course.

Complete with cheesy 70's instructional videos, readings, homework, and snacks, PRIDE is pretty much what we thought it would be. There is plenty for both of us to learn, an opportunity for us to contrubute, and many snacks to be eaten;)

Happy Trails, Grant

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