Wednesday, May 23, 2007

61.7 km away...

Out of curiosity, I tracked the mileage home from last week's PRIDE class...61.7 km...By the end of our 10 week training, Grant & I will have travelled 1234 km!!!

Last week we talked about "loss." We discussed the importance of supporting children who come into our care through their loss - whether a child is adopted at birth or as an older child or is in a foster home - loss is experienced. The course instructor emphasised that in order to be a solid support system for the children, we need to recognize loss in our own lives and how we responded to our loss and how we dealt with it. As a group we talked about the loss experienced when each of us learned about our own infertility and our need to go through the "grieving process." As much of an annoyance it is taking a mandatory 10 week course (and being bumped from the course twice in Waterloo), I am learning a lot about who I am and that the emotions I'm going through is part of my grieving process, but more importantly, Grant & I are learning how we can be more equipped to love and care for our baby-to-be. The instructor was talking about growing to love our adoptive children gradually, that it doesn't happen instantly when we first hold them. She mentioned birth-parents have 9 months as their baby grows to love them, but adoptive parents don't - I don't agree with her, Grant & I have had over 3 years for our love for our baby to grow and we cannot wait to bring him/her home!!

As Grant keeps saying - "We are expecting, but not pregnant"
(we saw a t-shirt in the "Conceive" magazine with a similar slogan and if you see it anywhere, tell us where b/c we want it!)

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