Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's a small cyber-world

When Grant & I first discussed blogging our adoption journey, we never imagined how wide our story would spread. We are greatly appreciative and grateful for all comments left on our blog by people we have never met before offering their support, prayers and sharing their own experiences with us. Just the other day I stopped off at Angel Worn where I am consigning my maternity clothes to pick up a few baby & maternity gifts (btw I found fantastic diapers bags with a very reasonable price range!) and provided the sales associate with my full name to check if any of my clothes sold. She paused after typing in my name and asked if I had a blog - I guess Janet Carioni is pretty unique!! I prefer shopping at stores like Angel Worn for gifts because they tend to carry unique products chain retail stores don't carry and products from local Canadian companies.

Grant & I are also very grateful for the friends in our lives that continue to offer their support and prayers as we continue to wait for our homestudy to be conducted. On Tuesday FACS did a presentation at my work, mainly to let us know when we should be reporting incidents to FACS. The social worker who made the presentation shared some horrific stories and I could feel the anger bubble up inside of me - How could a woman who leaves her baby alone in a crib for an entire weekend while she flies down to California be a mom? How could parents be so physical with their infant that he has 19 broken ribs and 2 skull fractures and while that child is in court to determine crown wardship the parents become pregnant again? As the anger in my heart deepened the social worker spoke about the adoptive families for these children and my friend Heather placed her hand gently on my shoulder and said "like you" and I had to fight back some serious tears, just as I am right now trying to type this (it's difficult to see the screen through tears). Somewhere in all of this there is a light at the end and Grant & I will hold our child in our arms for the first time and all of the waiting will finally be over.

I'm not sure what I was looking for on the net, but I came across another stroller, new for 2007, that is a very strong contender for baby Carioni... the UPPAbaby VistaI I think the UPPAbaby Vista might take the lead over the Stroll-Air NV2. The consumer reviews are better (haven't found a negative one yet) and the one feature I wasn't loving on the NV2 seems to be better on the Vista, but until I get to play with one I won't know for sure.

I should get going as I need to start making Thanksgiving dinner. Grant & I are hosting 4 international exchange students attending UW - I hope they like turkey and pumpkin pie!

Until next time...Janet


jordin said...

When you get your baby, drop me a line, and i will send you a sling.

Adele said...

I originally read about your blog in the National Catholic Register. It was in a section on blog of note. I sure you hope you get that baby soon... or even better a set of twins then you'd need a double stroller.

God bless you,