Sunday, September 9, 2007

your AMAZING NEWBORN...but you'll have to wait

I finished reading "Your Amazing Newborn" by Marshal Klaus & Phyllis Klaus and I learned so much about newborns and their amazing capabilities. Did you know that if you place a newborn (dried but not washed) directly onto her mother's bare chest following birth, within an hour the baby will make her own way to her mother's breast by pushing up with her arms & hands and kicking with her feet and begin to suckle and feed for the first time all on her own!!! I also really appreciated chapter 9 "The Newly Adopted Baby" - When I turned the page I was surprised to see that the authors dedicated an entire chapter to bonding, connecting, nurturing, feeding, cuddling, and loving an adopted baby. The authors described a technique to enable an adoptive mother to breastfeed that doesn't include the use of drugs - An adoptive mother can place a small bag of formula on her shoulder with a fine tube leading to her nipple, and as the baby sucks every two and a half to four hours her breast is stimulated by the infant's suckling, via her pituitary gland, to produce an increasing amount of milk. The supply of milk typically increases in three or four days, but it takes up to two weeks to obtain a satisfactory output. I'm going to ask my ND about this technique as I would much rather use an approach that requires the least amount of drugs to achieve breastfeeding success!

On another note, I know many of you are wondering if we've heard anything about our homestudy and here's the manager's response to the email I sent her earlier this month:

Yes, I do have your file; waiting amongst others for homestudy. All your documents are on file as well, so you are right, the next step is to be assigned a worker to complete your homestudy.

It is quite hard to estimate when this will be, but rest assured, I will assign someone as soon as I can. Please don't lose hope during this waiting period - we DO need adoptive families! My challenge is not having the staffing resources needed to process applications in a timely manner.

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.............


Adele said...

Again, I am so sorry that they are so inefficient. I think I read that you are in Waterloo? I am originally from Sudbury, ON but now living in the U.S.

Is there no better agency? It seems crazy. We adopted here through a Catholic Adoption agency and had no real delays except how long it took us to collect all our paperwork.

Again, I will pray that things will improve. It's dreadful, truly to do that to people such as yourselves.

Ma Beck said...

You don't really need the "Bag" method to breastfeed an adopted child.
Start with a breast pump - your milk will come in naturally. You don't need to have been pregnant to produce milk.
However, you will NOT give your baby antibodies. THOSE are produced naturally through pregnancy.
(My daughter couldn't breastfeed anyway - she's highly allergic to milk and milk products - but we bonded just fine. I DID do most of the feeding of her those first few weeks, though.)