Saturday, March 1, 2008

Vacationed as a family of two...hopefully for the last time!

Grant & I just returned from a two week vacation - one week in Mexico with my cousin's family and two days at Disney World before our final stop to Sanibel Island with Grant's parents to finish off the second week at the place we were married!! It was quite the whirlwind vacation with a lot of running to catch connecting flights and packing and unpacking and packing up again. Grant & I noticed a slightly different theme and feel to this vacation...we kept talking about how much fun it will be to vacation with our bambino and share the excitement of exploring different cultures and experiencing new adventures with our child(ren). It's probably because we are in the adoption process ourselves, but we noticed a lot of adoptive families at Disney World - mainly white families with little Asian daughters and sons. The next time we return to Disney World we hope to be a family of three or more and introduce our child(ren) to the magic of Disney. Our home study is almost complete. We have our final (hopefully) session next week to read over the report before it is submitted for approval.

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Anonymous said...

To the Carioni's, and other couples waiting to adopt:

My husband Terry and I waited 10 years for our girls. Alberta adoption is a very slow process.

Funny thing is, we too, went on a vacation as 2, tired of waiting for an answer to come. When we came back, ther ewas a message. It was telling us of two girls who were waiting for a for-ever family.

We've been parents now for over eight years. We have 2 beautiful girls, and are experiencing the teenage attitudes and everything that goes with teens. Boyfriends too!

I hope that your waiting period was not long, and that you now are experiencing life as parents.

All the best to you and your family!

Trish & Terry
Calgary AB