Thursday, January 24, 2008

One step closer...

I was getting ready to leave work yesterday for my dentist appointment (found out I have an infection in the root of two of my molars - my wisdom tooth needs to be extracted and I'm seeing a specialist to see if the second molar can be saved with a root canal & if not, I'm losing that tooth too) and my phone rang, I almost didn't pick it up b/c I was running late, but I am so glad I did...Grant & I have our first home-study scheduled for Thurs. Jan 31 at 6:00pm!!! The worker conducting our home study is anticipating we will only need two home visits and then she will be able to write her report b/c Grant & I are eager beavers and all of our paperwork is already completed and submitted! Words cannot express how excited we are to begin the next step of this journey. Grant & I celebrated by ordering Greek food and ate it on our good China, said a prayer of thanksgiving & praise and raised our wine glasses and made a toast! Grant was so cute all evening/night, he told our cats numerous times that we are going to be parents and leaned over to me and proclaimed the same exciting news!

We are finally motivated and encouraged enough to complete our profile album - wooohoooo!!!!

The night before my mom had a dream that I placed a baby in her arms....soon, umma, very soon this will be reality!

Thank you for all your prayers & support.

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Adele said...

So happy for you. I tagged you for an award. See