Monday, August 27, 2007

What to ask for...

Last night I asked Grant if we're praying for the wrong thing....let me explain. Yesterday's message at church was about - Prayer...Can You Hear me Now?? based on James 5:13-18 and Ken left us with the "challenge" to pray for three things this week and make one of them a huge, big request where the answer would be an obvious God-thing. Fast forward a few hours....we had friends over and they shared with us that their pregnancy is a miracle as they had surgery planned for September to enable them to be able to conceive. For the rest of the day, I wondered, am I praying for the 'right' thing? For 3 and a half years I prayed that I would become pregnant. Now I pray that I will be able to hold my baby in my arms soon - but should I be praying that God will heal both Grant & I so that we will be able to conceive. As Grant pointed out to me last night, we have been praying for our baby this whole time and it's ultimately up to God how our baby joins our family, whether it be through conception or adoption. I do, very much believe that God is a healing God, so should I shift my prayers asking God to physically heal Grant & I or will that lead me back into the vicious monthly cycle of timing and planning and wasting too much money on pregnancy tests??? I will continue to pray for our future baby...but how specific should I be...heal me God so that I can conceive? or, prepare my heart God, to love and welcome your child into my home and please, please, please speed up this adoption process and do not bring a strike to the Waterloo Children's Aid Society b/c York region's just went on strike!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

As I have been watching my best friend deal with her illness and get progressively worse, I too have wondered what do I pray for - healing or a quick good-bye?

Someone read a quote from a book to me from a similar situation and the advice they were given was to pray for both - in your case - if God chooses to heal you and you conceive it will be the best thing - if God chooses to give you a baby in a different way it will be the best thing - BECAUSE - God will only do what is best for you! Know that is true!!

You are loved - and I will be praying for both for you as well!!!


Ma Beck said...

I always said, "Dear Lord, please send us a child, if it is your will."
That covers it.